Groupe de Recherche sur l'Assistance Respiratoire Extra-Corporelle

 The neonatal and pediatric resuscitation department of the Trousseau hospital (Paris 12th), of Pr Ricardo Carbajal, set up a mobile team (UMAC), available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, to set up a Extracorporeal circulatory assistance in a newborn or child.
This technique (ECMO: Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) temporarily replacing the cardiac and respiratory function, saves children refractory to conventional treatments, with a high risk of imminent death. It must be set up by a confirmed team.

In collaboration with the pediatric SAMU of Robert Debré hospital (AP-HP), the neonatal and pediatric intensive care of Trousseau hospital is now organized to respond to an urgent request for extracorporeal circulatory assistance for unstable and uncontrolled patients hospitalized 500 km around Paris.

X minutes after receiving a telephone call from an intensivist asking to take care of a serious patient, the team composed of a resuscitator, a surgeon and a referring nurse SAMU Robert Debré, Civil Protection Helicopter or Medicair chartered medical aircraft to the patient.

On arrival, the doctor quickly presents the clinical condition of the young patient. Two to four later, the ECMO is set up. The child can then be transported safely to the intensive care unit at the Trousseau Hospital.

The maintenance of extracorporeal circulation is often necessary for several days. Then, when the clinical condition of the young patient improve, the ECMO is arrested and the child returned to his hospital.
Since Today, the mobile team of Trousseau has been contacted 68 times and has moved 27 times (Amiens, Limoges, Clermont Ferrand, Dijon, Robert Debré, Caen, Rouen, Lille, Arras Luxembourg).
19 children were rescued and sent back to their home hospital.