Groupe de Recherche sur l'Assistance Respiratoire Extra-Corporelle

1987   1st Newborn Patient treated by AREC in Trousseau
1989   AREC Center Inauguration by Professor Bartlett
1992   100 Newborns treates with a survival rate of 80%
1995   development of a new non-occlusive pump
2007   Development of a new alternative clamp
2015   Pediatric Mobile ECMO Transport
2017   More than 600 patients treated

Trousseau Hospital
To celebrate this anniversary
a symposium is organized
on September 22, 2017
at the Armand-Trousseau Hospital

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit was opening in 1976
It is a mix unit for Newborns and Pediatric children.
3 beds are dedicated to ECMO.

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